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Folder Size

Folder Size 2.4 (32-bit)

Downloads: 195032
File size: 225KB
Requirements: Windows 2000 / XP
License: Freeware

Folder Size 2.4 (32-bit) Change Log
* Added support for XP x64. All components recompiled for the x64 architecture.
* Added drive type disabling. Disable folder sizes for 4 drive types: local (hard drive), removable (USB), network, CD/DVD.
* Added Polish and Catalan translations.
* Reduced memory usage by not storing full path strings for every folder node. Slight CPU increase for significant memory savings should be an overall win.
* More efficient registry reading for user options.
* Upgraded compiler to Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
* Minor optimizations with path parsing and service communication.
* Fixed folder sizes not updating correctly when moving folders.
* Fixed German translation.

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